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To the few people who might be wondering or who once wondered why I stopped uploading here’s what’s up. I’ve been attending a university for music, studying piano and composition, so I’ve pretty much had no time to upload anything, let alone check the site itself. I’ve composed a lot of pieces since my last upload and recorded a lot of them (mostly piano, but some instrumental pieces with actual performers which was pretty cool to do). Newgrounds is where I first started uploading my compositions to, which were at the time very experimental and honestly it’s kind of weird to listen to some of them now compared to what I’ve done in university. I’ve always enjoyed the site and the community that occupies it, so I’ve always felt kind of sad returning to my page knowing I didn’t have time to upload anything. At the same time I wasn’t sure if the music I was composing even had an audience on this site, so I wasn’t sure if I should even spend the time to start uploading again considering the style I’ve begun writing in. But I’ve realized that if there’s even a few people who enjoy it, then why not upload what I’ve been doing? So I’ve decided to start uploading the pieces I compose and have composed for university anyway. Especially now that I have a break until I start my third year. So look out for some new music this coming week and the next, 


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