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Awesome news!!!

2014-04-20 01:10:42 by MetroPiano

Thanks to the East West 50% off sale for Easter weekend, I was able to snag a copy of Pianos Gold Edition! So I'll be uploading me playing some stuff to each of the pianos in the VST, which I'll explain more about it and the piano sample I'm using when I upload them! (Which will be sometime next week).


so, apparently my laptop did not have a disc drive (anymore that is.....) so I had to ask to borrow an external one (which does not read and write data nearly as fast as an internal) the installation took 3 hours, in which after words it was another 3 hours of fiddling and getting it to work (seems like my computer also doesn't have enough RAM either :/ ) anyways, it now works though I don't wanna use FL to record since their is audio clipping and irregular velocity and repetition problems when I play as well as it uses way to much of my RAM and CPU.

does anyone know someway I can record the sound on my computer, with asio4all on, while I use pianos gold through PLAY?





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