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2015-05-17 03:05:14 by MetroPiano

So after a notoriously long time, I'll finally be uploading again. I've been preparing for university auditions as well as getting my pieces written into sheet music for my portfolio. The first of my uploads will be a piece by Erwin Schulhoff called Chanson, which you can find in my audio page. This is going to be the first piece I perform during my audition, though I do not play it perfectly here, I will upload it performed more adequately later...

These are pieces I intended on sending as my university application for the composition program, I have never worked harder on any piece before, and I poured in countless hours into them. They are all played by me on piano with violin and bass samples at the same time.


OK here's something

2014-09-21 23:31:36 by MetroPiano

I'm going to be uploading some stuff in the coming weeks, starting with this:

Enjoy! and more coming soon...

Nothing for awhile

2014-09-08 20:30:23 by MetroPiano

I regret to inform that I won't be posting compositions for awhile, a few opportunities have made themselves apparent so I'll be working on getting those things settled first.

I'm also in my final year of highschool,and studying for my RCM exams (just got a piano mentor 3 months ago, pretty much my first real teacher) so I'm going to be absent for quite sometime.

I'm still composing but this time more professionally rather than an improvisation of ideas i thought of over the years (which are pretty much what my current compositions are).

feel free to comment anything, I usually check my page every 1-2 days

but for now, have a good one.

Awesome news!!!

2014-04-20 01:10:42 by MetroPiano

Thanks to the East West 50% off sale for Easter weekend, I was able to snag a copy of Pianos Gold Edition! So I'll be uploading me playing some stuff to each of the pianos in the VST, which I'll explain more about it and the piano sample I'm using when I upload them! (Which will be sometime next week).


so, apparently my laptop did not have a disc drive (anymore that is.....) so I had to ask to borrow an external one (which does not read and write data nearly as fast as an internal) the installation took 3 hours, in which after words it was another 3 hours of fiddling and getting it to work (seems like my computer also doesn't have enough RAM either :/ ) anyways, it now works though I don't wanna use FL to record since their is audio clipping and irregular velocity and repetition problems when I play as well as it uses way to much of my RAM and CPU.

does anyone know someway I can record the sound on my computer, with asio4all on, while I use pianos gold through PLAY?




Uploading begins again!!!

2014-04-14 01:36:19 by MetroPiano

Ok! I will now begin uploading orginal content once again starting with my "condenza" waltz (which you can check out at my audio page) and more to come soon so stay tuned! (A piano concerto, and a ballade for piano will be making its way at some point).

No stuff for awhile...

2014-04-04 09:32:16 by MetroPiano

This is just a quick update just to say that I am currently working on my first piano concerto!!! So I will not be posting much in the upcoming days (orginals that is, remixes, midi sequences, etc., will still be released whenever I have time to comple them) as I want to focus all my energy on this composition. I've currently composed about the first 21 seconds, which has taken me about 1 week (25 hours actual time spent) meaning that it probably won't be done for quite awhile... :( but not to worry! I'll still be uploading content every now and again, this just means no completely orginal content, just remixes, midi sequences, etc., 

Ok, Finally returning

2014-02-12 22:30:45 by MetroPiano

It's been almost 2 years since I last went on this site/uploaded anything, I felt I was not yet ready for the whole musician scene/felt I was not yet good enough, but now I return with 2 new songs, and more every week to come from now on!

Hey Newgrounds community!

2012-06-11 16:41:38 by MetroPiano

Im just a Musician sharing some Music (and some of my early stuff is going to be real weird) hope to see some good or bad comments!